10 Fashion tips to help you look younger

Written by Kathreen Rose

Today we are going to share with you 10 fashion tips to help you look younger, these simple tips will help you look like the very best version of yourself every day, even if you don’t feel like it, because when you look good, you feel good 🙂

However, there is a fine line between dressing younger but also dressing in a way that feels appropriate for your age, so we will help you to dress in a more youthful way without making it look like trying too hard.

1. Wear jeans

The key is to wear modern jeans, so if you haven’t updated your jeans in a while I think that it must be your purchase number one because when you wear a modern pair of jeans it’s going to make the overall look much more youthful whether that’s a pair of distressed jeans or dark wash skinny jeans that are high rise, or a pair of mom jeans that are cool and slim fit, a pair of levis. Just pick a pair of modern jeans that are current it will definitely make you look much younger, and this is the key, it will not look inappropriate for your age.

If you’re worried about that then you can gravitate toward maybe the dark wash skinny jean that’s a high rise, it’s more of a classic streamlined, tailored look.

But if you don’t feel like worried about that then go for it, whatever pair of jeans speaks to you, maybe it’s a pair that has a racing stripe down the side or a pair that has a cool hemline at the bottom like a stem or fringe hem.

The point is to find a modern detail on the jeans to make the overall look much more youthful.

2. Wear leather

Tip number two is to wear leather or faux leather, this is another one where we’re a lot of times feeling like is that too much? does it look too youthful for me?

The reality is absolutely not and the other beautiful thing about it you have plenty of choices, you can wear leather pants, a leather skirt, you can go with a leather blazer, jacket, etc …

But it feels really that leather and faux leather ads so much not just the luxe quality to your look but also that youthfulness and confidence in your look and style, you’re like saying to the world I am a very confident woman and I am not afraid to wear what I love, I’m very stylish, hip, modern and youthful, so that’s one thing you can invest in, it doesn’t have to be real leather it can be coated, vegan, faux leather but I think that’s one easy and very simple way that you can modernize and make your look and wardrobe more youthful

3. Show your shoulders

This is a wonderful trend for women regardless of their age, so it doesn’t matter if you’re 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80 this is such a gorgeous part of a woman’s body that you can show off, feel good about, and you don’t have to feel like this is pushing it too much , we’re not showing knees it’s just this really lovely part, so take advantage of that whether it’s off shoulder, one shoulder, cut out shoulder, cold shoulder, any of those is modern, youthful,  gorgeous and it’s sexy, so you can definitely go for showing off your shoulders

4. Wear trends

Tip number four is to wear trends, and here is where we run into that roadblock again of it just doesn’t feel quite right, and I’m a 50-year-old woman can I really wear over the knee boots? YES, YOU CAN!!

The key is if you’re going to try a trend just pick one piece, one trend and keep everything else neutral classic, so if you’re gonna do the over the knee boots, wear a very classic pair of dark wash jeans, wear a nice tailored black blazer or put a beautiful turtleneck sweater, the point is to go and try the trends, it’s modern and very youthful

5.Wear neutral colors

The next tip is to wear beautiful neutral colors, I know for many of us wearing black doesn’t feel right, you feel like it’s aging you, and it can be.

You may feel like it’s not doing you any favors, if that’s the case, try neutral tones, they’re so beautiful and they are so youthful and lovely like whites, ivories, beiges, camels, cognac browns, and all of these beautiful, yummy, lovely, neutral tones are very modern, fresh and very on-trend but they are also just classic and beautiful, it’s kind of a mix of both modern and classic

6. Think about pairings

The number six tip is strategic pairings, so if you’re going to wear some traditional or classic pieces like bow blouse and pearls or a pleated skirt, instead of going full-on with a classic and ladylike look and that’s beautiful for like church or whatever, but if you want to make it look more youthful and more modern you would pair the bow blouse with cool jeans instead of the pleated skirt.

Maybe you do the pleated skirt with like a funnel neck sweatshirt or something very interesting and modern on the top, or you can try the pleated skirt with a t-shirt that’s very unexpected and modern, or maybe the bow blouse with some ripped up mom jeans, or the bow blouse with a fun trendy skirt, just thinking about the pairing and outfit as a whole and how you can make something that feels like it could skew a little bit older, make it look more youthful by pairing it with modern pieces, and again modern pieces could be trendy pieces but it doesn’t have to, it can still be a modern classic piece, so just be strategic about those pairings and think about them in a different way.

7.Wear supportive undergarments

You don’t want something hanging down to your belly button, so just making sure you have on the right bra, the right shapewear if that’s necessary, or the right underwear, you just don’t want things sagging, that would be aging, not only that but it will also not look as nice in your clothes just across the board. So to look more youthful, you want to make sure that you got the tits where they need to be.

8. Sunglasses

There is no faster way to hide your age than wearing a pair of sunglasses, so wearing really modern, great sunglasses is not only protecting your eyes in a functional purpose, it’s also making you look more youthful and it will elevate your overall look as well, so sunglasses are a great way to go if you need something to add excitement to the wardrobe and you want to be modern, and you don’t have to buy super high-end sunglasses, there are so many great sunglasses that look like high-end designer pairs but are not carrying the same price tags.

Plus you know that designer sunglasses are all made in the same place, the quality is not any better you’re just literally paying for the brand name, so it’s definitely a great investment and it’s an easy one, you don’t have to break the bank on those its very simple and you don’t have to worry about the size, just find a few pairs that you love and that fuses some excitement into your wardrobe

9. Wear color

Wearing color is another tip to help you look more youthful, and I think you have to be strategic about color choices, Kate Smith, for example, who is a celebrity stylist suggest blues and turquoises which are convenient for most color and skin tones, and when you’re wearing color and you try to figure out what color brings out the best in you and really lights up your face just think about the colors you already have that you gravitate toward the most.

That you get the most compliments when you wear because those are your colors, those are the ones that do light up your face and look the best on your skin tone, whatever colors you feel comfortable in those are the ones you need to wear in order to look more youthful and also avoid the really harsh black and go instead for more neutral grays, navys, and beiges

10.Wear statement shoes

The last fashion tip to help you look younger is to wear statement shoes.

Shoes are the best because, for the most part, your size doesn’t change like you can gain 10 pounds but your shoe size stays the same, sometimes with pregnancy, it could change but in most cases, you could keep the same pair of shoes for years and years as long as you take care of them

When you add a cool pair of shoes or sexy, modern shoes, you could have everything else basic and plain but those shoes just take everything out up a notch, the same is true with handbags. So you can have a basic look, like dark wash jeans and a black top but if you throw on a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps, it will look all of a sudden like WOW, it adds so much more pop to your look.

As you can notice we are not reinventing the wheel, you don’t have to go crazy, you just take that basic look and add some fantastic shoes and that’ is it, you’re done your whole look is elevated, more youthful, more modern and sexier.

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