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15 surprising Beauty Tricks That Make French Women So Charming

Written by Kathreen Rose

Audrey Tautou, Marion Cotillard, Isabelle Huppert, these ladies look attractive and stylish at any age. so they got to have some really unusual beauty secret, right? Nope, they’re simply following some of the straightforward and fast beauty tips you’ll follow too…

1. Avoid contouring 

Contouring takes over the globe recently, however, French ladies are not that into it. French beauty is entirely about showing the natural look of the face, not covering them and drawing new ones. perhaps you can go for contour-free too? a bit bronzer on the cheeks for a modern and glossy look does not count! 

2.Embrace your imperfections

Look for instance at French ladies fashion – it’s rather simple and even a little careless, right? they don’t overdo their hairstyle, opt for unpopular vintage accessories, and do not choose obvious outfits. and that is why you cannot take your eyes off of them! they do not care to look perfect and have all the pieces together, they keep it natural and free and here is their secret – perfection is boring. 

3.Choose red lips

If you are looking for a fast way to improve your look, take the advice from French ladies and put your favored red lipstick on. there is nothing this baby cannot fix, and ladies from Paris realize this for sure. whether or not you wear a pastel dress with a sublime hat or rock Torn jeans with an open white T, red lipstick will make you look chic and gorgeous. 

4.Opt for a light manicure 

Over colored nails or also what we tend, for some reason, to call French manicure are excessive for French ladies. They like to keep it natural, remember? therefore something that takes a lot of time or cash is not necessary. most ladies from France opt to keep their nails short and use a natural polish or no polish, to have good looking nails. it’s also applicable to pedicures, by the way. 

5.Stop damaging your hair

All these hair dryers and flat irons destroy the structure of your hair. French ladies realize this and prefer to opt for high-priced hair products instead. nutrient hair mask, essential oil, a naturally made hairbrush, and your hair looks wonderful without styling! French women have one hairstyling hack– they wash their hair, let it dry naturally, and style it after a day once it’s completely smooth. 

6.Beware of the quality of your sleep 

Believe it or not, the pillow you sleep on will affect your skin and hair. And if you would like it to be a positive effect, do it the French women’s way and get yourself a silk pillow! It’s entirely hypoallergenic, therefore it helps your skin keep its natural smooth touch every night. Besides, sleeping on a silk pillow will limit your wrinkles and keep your facial skin soft. Your hair will benefit too from silk pillow – silk’s natural features will stop the friction of your hair. So no more split ends! 

7.You don’t have to drag your heavy makeup bag, keep it light

Most women have messy makeup case– different lipsticks, palettes, contouring sticks, highlighters… French women, on the other side, carry just the most important. Of course, a foundation and a powder are essential – they give your skin tone a gorgeous look. French women do not use the powder very often, instead– they like to let their natural skin glow within. A little mascara on the lashes is more than enough for french eye makeup. however, you may also spice it up with a fast smoky eye for the evening. And, at last, 2 lipsticks – one for the natural look and a red one for crazy nights.

8.Use your fragrance properly

French women always remember to spray perfume on the neck and also the wrists, however, they go creative sometimes! for instance, you’ll see a French girl spraying a little of her favorite fragrance on her pillow or into her bags to make her clothes smell great while traveling. Plus, they hardly opt for a new fragrance – they choose the one they love and keep it as their own signature.

9.Splurge on a decent haircut

French beauties understand one easy principle – you may put a 10-dollar dress and no-one can ever guess however get a modest haircut and your look can instantly be messy. Most of them are willing to pay a lot of money for a great stylist to make their hair look wonderful. It’s a good idea, right? and, a talented hairstylist can make your haircut without the need for any more hair fixing, except from time to another or special events of course. Think about the huge time you will save!

 10.Follow a simple skincare formula

Among the things french ladies don’t mind to put a lot of cash on is skincare. They don’t require a lot – only a good sunscreen, moisturizer, and face cleanser. They also like essential oils for the body, hair, and face. However, most of the time they don’t use skin peels. Instead, they use completely different types of masks before they go to sleep to refresh and renew the skin at the end of the day. 

11.Facial massages

Frequent facial massages will transform your skin. And you don’t need to go to expensive beauty salons, what french women do: every time they put a moisturizer, they gently press the heels of their hands on their jawline and up towards the ears. Then you’ll go from your cheeks apples to your temples, with your fingertips. And finally, trace a line from eyebrows to the hairline.

12.Leave your eyebrows alone

It’s uncommon to see a French girl with thick and extraordinary dark eyebrows. They wouldn’t spend a lot of time drawing them, instead, they would use this time to take care of them, this way they will look big, heavy, and healthier. a little bit of essential oil, natural do-it-yourself masks, regularity, and voila your brows will look terrific! This is why French women put only styling gel on their eyebrows.

13.Don’t adopt a strict diet

French ladies have their own idea about diets. Certainly, losing some extra weight is great, however, vitamins and minerals deficiency will weaken your immune system, but it doesn’t mean they eat without limits – their secret to having a charming body is consuming a little of everything. Do you desire a chocolate bar? no problem, just a little piece. Do you want a burger? Take it but not too often. the main strong limitation French women follow is reducing sugar to maintain healthy skin. 

14. Cold showers

Do you want to keep your skin refreshed and youthful? French ladies have the solution – cold showers! the key is to start with a hot bath. French women always have some scented candles to help them relax and enjoy the moment. but just after that, it’s cool shower time! it’s going to stimulate your blood circulation and help your skin stay toned. After that don’t forget your moisturizer.

15.Work on your confidence

French ladies don’t go crazy about cosmetic surgery, therefore you will not see many ladies with false lips, noses, or cheekbones on Paris streets. They are happy as they’re and let their special beauty glow. and that is the basic secret of their mysterious charm! finally, you have to believe in your inner beauty, do not try to go after stupid and silly beauty standards – create your own! 

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