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10 simple Skincare hacks that will make your skin glow (for lazy girls)

skincare hacks
Written by Kathreen Rose

Today we are going to share with you some simple skin care tips and tricks some little hacks that have helped me along the way so this is not like a routine but this is just little things that I do to get the most out of my skincare and to keep my skin looking the best that it can

1- Cleanse your face for 60 seconds

 First hack is to wash your face for 60 seconds with cleanser, this one has made one of the biggest differences I think, I always wondered why should I bother with such an expensive cleanser if it’s on my face for like ten seconds I literally used to just pump it rub it on and then rinse it off but now I use my cleanser for 60 seconds that way the good ingredients in my cleanses are able to get to work a lot better.

I can use my fingers or I can use a Clarisonic to gently flex and open the pores so that dirt and grime is dislodged and it massages out all of the dirt and grime as you’re rubbing, so what is really good that I actually saw a visible difference in like four days something like that, so that is one tip that I absolutely swear by.

2-  Change pillowcases more often

 Another one that I like to do is to change my pillowcases twice as much as I change my sheets, so I probably washe my sheets every week and a half or two weeks, every two days I will flip my pillow so that I get the fresh side and then probably every four-five days I will put on a fresh new pillow case, because I don’t wash my hair every single day so that means that sometimes my hair might be dirty I’m getting all that dirt from my hair all over my pillow and then when I sleep on my side I’m getting that all over my face so it is really important to wash your pillows also there’s heaps of skincare and moisturizers.

That I go to sleep with and then if I’m putting my face on the pillow sometimes it might create some kind of mucky seal, so I don’t like the idea of moisturizer getting on my pillow and then being there for the next week or over long until I wash my sheets so definitely try to do it at least every two days just to prevent massive things happening I also really like silk pillowcases because they tug less on your face my favorite brand is slip and they have a lot of other good products too like eye masks.

3- Wear silk eye mask

 another good hack is to wear a silk eye mask to bed, it really helps  because it has  a soft pressure on your eyelids and that is very coming to me it helps relax when you’re feeling anxious and the other thing that it does is it helps me lay on my back it makes me not want to sleep on my side so that I’m not gonna be crunching my face as much.

It’s also nice because the silk is really gentle on your whole eye area I really like to wear a mask just because it helps me get a better sleep which then results in better skin and feeling more awake and being refreshed when I wake up in the morning but it feels also like it seals in the skincare around my eyes but once again you do have to wash these regularly so keep a few in rotation and wash them regularly

4- Avoid putting your face directly under the hot shower

Something that I learned from one of my facialists is don’t put your face directly under the hot faucet or under the hot shower, having really hot water blasting on your face is very damaging to your skin.

Your skin is stripped it makes your pores look bigger, my facialist said that she could really see that happening on my face and I definitely agreed with her so ever since I’ve stopped doing that as much and I feel like my pores look more refined and clearer.

5- Spa-experience at home

If you want the spa experience from home, you know that really nice hot damp towel that they put on your face they kind of wrap it over your face leave it for a while press it down so to get a steamed towel as they do at the professional spas you can actually put a damp towel in a rice cooker really simple a lot of people have rice cookers you’re getting multiple uses out of it.

It’s really good for your skin so you can just pop that in there and then place it on your face you can just use it for relaxation purposes or you can use it just to give your face a little steam it helps to soften the gunk in your skin so you can get it out easily or to wipe off a mask so if you wanted to try that at home next time you’re doing your own at-home facial definitely give that a try.

6- SPF skincare products

  I know you’re probably sick of hearing this one but SPF is my favorite and generally these days when I put my SPF on it is either the clear Murad one I love it because it does multiple things that are anti-aging, it’s smoothing and it’s clear so it’s great before makeup, or I like to use a tinted moisturizer on an everyday basis I don’t forget to apply it in the morning it’s the first thing, it makes my skin look even.

I really appreciate that because then I can still let it go and put makeup on over the top if I want it is just a tinted moisturizer but no matter what I’m protected from the get-go and I also love to keep a spray-on me because that one is so easy for my body so no matter what I’m wearing I just spray it over the top, so just always make sure you have an SPF on and even if it’s just a quick spray before you head out in the areas that are exposed at least

7-Acen patches

 Acne patches are the best invention ever so when you have Whitehead pimple the best thing to do and I know they say don’t pop it but I pop it I either poke it with a little pin and like gently press beside it to let the stuff use out, if it doesn’t use out with a light pressure leave it and pop an acne patch on.

The best ones for whiteheads are peace out skin care absolutely efficient if they are whiteheads they really work literally overnight unless your pimple really really hates you they’ve only been a couple of times when they haven’t really worked they’ve never gotten bigger after using a patch but usually, they go away.

Another really good one are called zip stickers these work well if it’s a closed pimple I think because they give you like the little alcohol swipe thing first and then it has a little stab needles in the patch that apparently helped to penetrate the closed pimple and make the pimple go away fast so they work pretty well,

I find that closed pimples are harder to get rid of because you’re dealing with it underneath the skin the best thing I do for those is drink tons of water I know it doesn’t help everyone but I drink a lot of water I take Beauty supplements and then making sure to use those patches over the top of any pimple really helps, the best ones definitely peace out skincare the cool thing about peace out is if they are an open pimple it feels like they really work to literally suck the pus into the little patch.

They definitely work better than any other brand that claims to do the same thing, so they’re pretty much hydrocolloid little patches but they are the best I’ve ever tried you can physically see the results the next day, it’s amazing and so satisfying they’re pretty pricey but if you get breakouts can’t recommend them enough and I can’t live without these anymore.

8-Blackhead strips

I love to use blackhead strips you might get a lot of blackheads on your nose, forehead or chin especially for oily skin and you need to clear them out once in a while they work really well if you prep your skin at first, so peace out skincare has these pore patches and blackhead patches it’s like a big hydrocolloid bandage that you put over your nose or your chin it’s supposed to get rid of blackheads and large pores they do work.

But let me tell you how well they work in conjunction with Bioré strips so I think because you’re putting them over your nose and it’s like creating warmth and dampness over that area, when you wake up the sebum in your blackheads is so soft that if you immediately get some warm water and Pat it over the top and then put Biore patch on, the number of little black-haired trees that get ripped out of your nose gently is so satisfying.

I personally to do it at least once a month and then my nose is pretty clear for a long time I know some people don’t like to use Biore strips and that they’re bad but I did ask my facialist she told me that my pores would just fill up afterward anyway but I don’t notice that.

I look deep into my skin after and even a couple of days after and they look a lot clearer so for me they work sorry 🙂  this might not be a hack that a lot of you want to use but I love them.

Another thing that people say you can do is to use a steamer and then a thick cream or Vaseline and then put clean wrap over the top and leave it for like an hour and that way it will soften everything before you apply the pore strip

9- Supplements

 Another controversial hack: Supplements

A lot of people think supplements are a cash grab and as long as you get a healthy diet you shouldn’t need that, well I’m here to tell you that not everyone eats a healthy diet, I drink as much water as I can but there is just no way I’m gonna get all the vitamins that are required for optimum skin that I should, so that’s why I like supplements so for me.

I see results from them I’ve been using the Beauty chef I drink the liquid collagen which has probiotics in it as well so you’ve got the good gut health and I like to use a lot of things like that to just make sure that if there is anything missing in my diet or my regime that I’m getting it from the supplements

10- Drinking water

This one’s obvious but the hack for me was getting a one-liter bottle with a straw there’s something about having a straw makes me guzzle the water like it ain’t nothing, I’m using a Camelback bottle which I really like, this is like the biggest tip ever because I just drink so much water thanks to the fact that it has a straw and of course drinking all that water is like one of the biggest things that will make a difference, definitely get yourself a water bottle that will make you drink a lot and I just love this one and it is all because of the straw and the fact that it’s  like I challenge myself and drink as much water as possible.

Your body’s thanking you for it those are just some simple little skincare hacks and tricks to add  to  your existing routine to get the most out of it I hope you enjoyed don’t forget to share and like, and check out our other posts if you want to feel and look like the best version of yourself.

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