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4 Korean beauty secrets to get flawless skin (Number 3 you’ve never heard of)

Korean Beauty
Written by Kathreen Rose

How do Koreans have such flawless skin every time I watch dramas and I see the actresses they always have that perfectly clear smooth white as snow like radiant from some otherworldly light type of skin, how do they have no pores how do they have no wrinkles despite being over 30, how do they have no sunspots no freckles no moles like are they human? I have met many Korean girls and seeing what they do I’ve come to realize some of the secrets of why Koreans have such flawless skin and today I will share them with you so we will take some steps towards getting better skin.

1- Sunscreen

The first thing Koreans really really use a heck a lot of sunscreen so sunscreen is the first tip if you want to achieve Korean perfect skin, men women kids all of them use sunscreen and Koreans really start them young, so it’s like growing up they have this concept of taking care of my skin and Sun is harmful so they apply sunscreen a lot.

If you buy Korean makeup products you’ll see that all of them have SPF and PA at least plus 3 so all of their makeup has very high SPF and the thing that you may not be aware of about sunscreen is that you actually have to constantly apply it to be effective so thinking that you just apply  sunscreen once in the morning and haven’t reapplied it then that is actually equivalent to not having applied it.

It will cover you like two hours max so disregarding how high the SPF the sunscreen that you’ve got, you need to apply consistently every few hours and especially during the hours the Sun is up usually from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. those are the times that the Sun is the highest and where you may get the most sun damage so if you can’t reapply consistently throughout the whole day reapply at least for those four hours every hour if you can, and a lot of people have the concept that if I’m not at the beach if I’m not in the Arizona desert I don’t need sunscreen well actually you get UV even from the LED lights.

Fluorescent lights or windows if you happen to sit in an office where you’re right by the window and you live in a sunny city, so it doesn’t mean that if you’re not at the beach you don’t have to wear sunscreen if you want to make sure that you’re getting all the sun protection you know protection from wrinkles age spots freckles and just slow your aging you need to protect yourself from the Sun so that is Korean perfect skin tip number one.

2- Makeup touch up

Number two is Korean people really do reapply their makeup quite frequently, by reapplying their makeup constantly they are reapplying their sunscreen because as I mentioned in tip number one sunscreen is in almost all makeup products and so that is again why they have such white clear skin.

Another reason is that they go along the lines being very diligent they really keep to a skincare routine and that involves multiple steps, you may have heard of the seven steps Korean skincare and that is not an exaggeration if you go into all Road shops all department stores Korean brands you will find that their skincare starts from cleanser and cleansers usually is a two-step process, if you wear a makeup you need to double cleanse, that means oil base first eye and makeup remover like cleansing oil or cleansing cream so something oily to get rid of the makeup and then the second step is to apply with a foam cleanser gel cleanser.

After cleansing Koreans will have a  toner or softener and then they have an emulsion which is like a milkier light lotion type and then oftentimes they have essence, and then serum or ampule would be another step that Korean girls use and then lastly they finish with a cream and sometimes an oil before that cream, so essentially all Korean products will have at least four different steps in one line so for example if it’s a nail cream they’ll have the nails cream cleanser the lotion the emulsion the serum and the cream at least, so you know that’s just again the emphasizing and the diligence that Korean women really put into their skincare morning and night.

3- Eating kimchi

Kimchi if you haven’t known is a superfood in Korea, it’s made of salted and fermented vegetables such as Korean radish and cabbage, it’s very rich in vitamin C, A, B, good bacteria and antioxidants, actually it is higher in vitamin C than a lot of fruits so Koreans, if you didn’t know already, eat kimchi almost with every meal or at least once a day so at least with breakfast lunch or dinner.

All Korean homes if they don’t make kimchi themselves they will buy kimchi, it is a staple in almost every Korean household so that being said you know they’re getting their daily dose of vitamin C even if they’re not eating fruit but actually Koreans eat a lot of fruit it’s what they consider to be like dessert, they also go for coffee or cake or you know real dessert but traditionally in Korean homes many people will serve fruit as a dessert, so as you know fruits are very healthy and rich in vitamins and have very high water content, so again that helps to boost Koreans skin elasticity and collagen production.

4- Plastic surgery

Koreans celebrities look so flawless on camera is due to two things one makeup and I’ve mentioned that before in Korean makeup and skincare routine based on SPF products the second one is treatments Korean people will go to a dermatology clinic semi-frequently where they can get treatments such Botox.

Lasers and fillers it’s very common in Korea especially Seoul where there’s a whole street which is like the cosmetic surgery Street I’m not even kidding, almost every building down that street is a surgery hospital, not just hospitals but clinics that will do fillers and non-surgical enhancement procedures are so common and actually price-wise it’s not expensive on average you can get Botox shot for around 100$ or less.

They start very cheap in general they are not more than two hundred dollars per shot so plastic surgery is a very developed technology in Korea it’s very common especially with celebrities this is no secret they’ve all got some work done and even for normal people it’s not uncommon thing it’s not something that only very rich and famous get, so it became a part of Korean women lifestyle, the culture is very encouraging for enhancements or whether skincare makeup, surgery or treatments it’s all very common and very practiced in Korea.

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