How to make your eyes look bigger with makeup in 6 easy steps

make your eyes look bigger
Written by Kathreen Rose

Hi everybody today I’m going to show you how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup in just six steps also, bigger eyes are seen to be more youthful, so if you’re looking to look younger, these easy tips will help you out.

1- Concealer

First step to have bigger eyes is to apply concealer or a skin color pencil all over the eyelid and this way you will create a perfect canvas for the steps to come, we are going to use  two concealers one is light sand and the other one is light-medium they are from Tarte,

You could also use a pencil from Anastasia Beverly hills this is one of those products that you could use all over your eyelids on the waterline to perfect your brow shape or to perfect your lip liner it’s a great great product and it lasts forever we are going to use a Zoeva 142 brush and we will apply that mixture of the two concealers that we talked about earlier all over the eyes make sure you apply your concealer right on the side of your nose that is really important because right now you just want to create a perfect canvas the same product we will apply it on the lower eyelid, so you want to set this product in place using just a little bit of loose powder like the Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder.

2- Sculpt your eye

Create a new shape of an eye by using an eyeshadow that mimics the natural color of your shadow we are going to use Huda beauty smokey obsession palette and we are going to take a 231 brush from Zoeva and apply this eyeshadow right in the crease but a little bit higher than we would normally do, this will give the illusion that the crease is a little bit higher so the eye is bigger and blend the color upwards.

Now we will use a 228 brush from Mac and take the same mix of colors and apply it on the lower lash but not where we would normally apply it right at the base of the lashes, now we’re gonna apply it just a little below where there is already a shadow don’t forget that the eye shadows must be matte.

3- Make your lash line look thicker

Take a brown pencil or black if you have darker complexion and apply it right at the base of your upper lashes and then smudge it using a brush or a q-tip, this doesn’t have to be perfect and I think it helps to have an eye pencil that is really well sharpened because you can really get between the lashes make them look even thicker you could absolutely do this with eyeshadow but I prefer the eye pencil because I think it lasts longer during the day, you can wing it just a little bit like just a tiny little bit now you could use a q-tip or a brush to smudge it let’s use the q-tip I know you guys don’t like brushes too much 🙂

4- Use eyeshadow with a little shimmer

 Take an eyeshadow that has a little bit of shimmer and apply it right on the middle of your eyelid and on the inner corner if your eyes are close together if your eyes are apart you could cheat by creating a new inner corner by extending this eye pencil just a little bit more towards the nose, you can use an eyeshadow or you could use your highlighter, for instance, use highlighter and apply it with your finger this will give the illusion of a more open eye more fresh and bigger eyelid , for instance, use highlighter and apply it with your finger this will give the illusion of a more open eye more fresh and bigger eyelid.

5- Curl those lashes

We are going to use an eyelash curler and I’m gonna show you a trick, you can warm it up a little bit to make that curl last longer.

6- Mascara

 You’re gonna take your favorite mascara, mine is the better than sex from Too Faced because I know you a lot of you guys like that a lot and I’m going to apply plenty of this, make sure you apply it right from the base, use mascara on your lower lashes as well but don’t start right at the base of your lashes only apply it on the tip.

This is universal anybody with small eyes can use this and not just people with a small eyes if you want to make your eyes look more open fresher and you want to look like you are rested like you had the eight hours sleep night then you should wear this look it’s simple its quick it’s everything you need.

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