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Lip fillers: 10 things you should know before and after

lip fillers
Written by Kathreen Rose

Lip filler is no doubt the most popular beauty treatment these days, so we will share with you 10 important tips you should know before getting lip fillers, this will hopefully help you if you’re considering getting lip injections done because I was asking myself the same questions: What should I know before and after lip filler?

What are the best options to do it the right way?  I think this will help people who don’t have any kind of idea about lip fillers.

Lip fillers

1-You will probably experience bruising and swelling

The first is very important you must understand that you will most likely swell and bruise if you’re prone to bruising for approximately 24 to 48 hours before you actually achieve your full result, it could even take longer, but you can use a cream called Arnica that kind of help with bruising you can also take this in tablet form.

So just know that you’re going to bruise and it’s not your doctor’s fault you can’t go scream at your doctor, just now you probably should stay at home for the next two days after your fillers because you’ll probably be bruised or swollen, some people don’t but you know it’s entirely up to your body’s metabolism.

2-Do your research

You must ensure that you’re going to the best possible doctor for this even if it costs a bit extra just make sure you’re going to the best doctor now you need to do research because you don’t want to end up going to the wrong person and getting a terrible result like Jackie Stallone, anyway at the end of the day it’s your body, if you want to look like Jackie Stallone go ahead, but just know what you want which leads to the third point.

3- Don’t have unrealistic expectations

Don’t go to your doctor and give him a picture of someone else’s lips because there is high chance that you will not look like that person, everyone’s lips vary so you can’t look like Angelina Jolie if you’ve got lips like Cameron Diaz, it doesn’t work like that, if your doctor agrees to do it, don’t go to that doctor, it’s a big mistake and you’re going to ruin your lips.

4- You must gradually increase the size

You can’t go in expecting to have outstanding results or complete transformation in one session because that will ruin your lips you will end up having very quickly deflated lips, you need to enhance them gradually, because the fillers tend to dissolve but if you keep topping them up gradually there’s a higher chance that the fillers will take more time to dissolve as you’re getting your body used to something as opposed to just injecting it completely.

Then your body realizing that this is just an unknown object and needs to get rid of it as quickly as possible, so you don’t want to have deflated blue lips, instead you want to have full lips and looking natural so when you do gradually increase people are less likely to pay attention since your lips are slowly deflating

5- you can become addicted to lip fillers

It’s a very addictive process once you start, you tend to not want to stop especially when you see some results that you like, you want to keep doing it so it maintains that way so you might get obsessed with the way your lips look and you don’t want them to deflate and look like what they did before, so it’s a very addictive process which then leads to being very costly.

You need to make sure you’ve got a budget to maintain this look because if you don’t your lips are going to look like before, and you started this process in the first place because you want it to last, so you literally have to do these initially every three to four months and then hopefully every six months

6- You’ll not notice a huge difference initially

The first time you do it you shouldn’t see a massive change because it should be a gradual increase

7- Fillers has nothing to do with botox

 Botox and fillers are completely different things, Botox is a substance which basically helps soften the appearance of wrinkles and eases any process of aging, so if you’ve got wrinkly eyes crow’s feet then you can get Botox, it kind of soften the appearance of wrinkles and basically reduces the activity of muscles as well so it can freeze muscles.

Fillers enhance the collagen which creates a more full kind of effect so if you want to have more defined cheekbones you can get fillers on your cheeks you can also  get them filled out if your smile lines are quite indented

8- How much does lip fillers cost?

It can cost anything between five hundred to two thousand dollars depending on the doctor and depending on the place you live in, a lot of people pay about a thousand dollars, but keep in mind that paying two thousand dollars or more doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna be a better doctor so just know that price doesn’t always mean a better quality

9- How much pain after lip fillers?

It usually doesn’t hurt if you applied numbing cream for a long enough period so until your lips are completely numb you will probably not feel anything, you may feel a slight prick or discomfort when the doctor is actually injecting you, if you’re afraid of needles don’t do it but I can assure you if you have numbing cream for a long enough period of time you will not feel anything not even a prick especially if you put enough cream before and after you go to the doctor for about half an hour to an hour your lips will be completely numb and you could not feel anything which is probably the best experience ever.

So there’s slight discomfort you can feel the pressure of the fluid going in to your lips but it’s not painful to an extent way you want to pull your hair out and it’s not like giving birth to a child it’s not that painful, but make sure you’ve got numbing cream, you can put dental blocks but that will initially hurt you because you actually feel the pain on the dental blocks.

I would recommend that you just go straight ahead with a numbing cream apply it before and when you get to the doctor.

10- You can dissolve your fillers if you don’t like them

If you don’t like the appears of your fillers, if you’ve done something and you hate it you can simply go and get the fillers completely dissolved and start over which is amazing, a lot of people actually been dissolving that fillers recently I think it’s a trend right now.

These are 10 things you should consider before and after getting lip fillers, take your time to do your research and make sure this is something you really want to go through.

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